Welcome again to an additional video, this the fourthin a sequence of movies I wish to call Sushi Cooking suggestions, where I provide you with recommendations thatyou can apply to your sushi to make it extra exciting and more progressive and more extraordinarythan every body elses. Now this inspiration is all about utilising a dehydratorto create some vegetable sheets that you can use in sushi in tons of distinctive ways. Im just going to show one example of whatyou can do with it however its no longer restricted to that. Here we go lets go! Okay with a Daikon Radish and chop itup. Once youve chopped it up then you definitely wantto add it to a boiling pot of water and you want to cook dinner it until smooth. Now this may occasionally take about 20 to forty minutesdepending the size of the chop and the temperature of the water. Just prepare dinner it except its very, very, verysoft. As soon as youve received to that stage then you wantto switch the Daikon into a container so that you can blend it.Right here Im going to use a hand immersion blenderjust to get an awfully tender and silky puree. Just preserve mixing it unless you get to thatconsistency. Whenever you believe youre on the consistencythen that you can add your ingredient, for instance in this case Im going to use some choppedred cabbage to get a gorgeous pink colour. So Im going to add somewhat little bit of it ata time after which combo it by means of after which seem at it and come to a decision whether to add somemore or now not. Now the color is thoroughly up to you whetheryou desire a extra robust suggested purple or less. This is what Im looking for proper here,a high-quality gentle puree with a stunning purple colour.Now that Ive finished that Im going to spreadit over a sheet, an awfully distinctive non-stick sheet designed for dehydrator. Unwell hyperlink the outline under so you guyscan to find the identical one. And right here Im just going to spread the pureeacross high-quality and evenly and then Im going to make use of a spatula to unfold it out extra evenlyto about 4 to 5 millimeters thickness. You relatively wish to take your time with thisand unfold it out first-class and gently and evenly except it covers the entire sheet just likethis. Once you consider youve acquired the right consistencyand spread then that you could transfer this over to your dehydration rack, just like this. Ok now you need to put this inside of a dehydrator,the one Ive bought right here is an Excalibur Dehydrator, however you can use another dehydrator. Sick link this in the description so youcan find the equal one.Im just going to close it and set it to52-levels Celsius, thats 125-degrees Fahrenheit; Im going to let it go for a couple hoursuntil its thoroughly dried out, the sheet. This is rather a number of hours later and itscompletely dry and now Im just going to separate the sheet gently from the non-sticksheet. You just wish to take the edges and just slightlypeel them off. Its effortless to simply peel away the non-sticksheet than to take a look at to drag off the vegetable sheet.K, so here now Ive acquired many of the cornersoff, Im just going to slowly pull it up and check out to separate the complete sheet. Now it has ripped on the side there so Imjust going to drag this up and now Ive acquired this stunning tremendous skinny sheet of DaikonRadish with crimson cabbage. It makes a wonderful crimson hue. K now to cut your sheet, simply situation itshiny part down on a slicing board after which take half of sheet of Nori as a tracing tool.Just lay it on top like this and then justtake your knife and reduce around the external perimeter just like this. Now Im utilising half sheet of Nori becausethats just the ideal size to place on top of a sushi roll. K one more reduce right here, first-class. Now you simply wish to separate it away fromthe sheet so that you could have your useable sheet. Just tear it apart very, very gently, makingsure not to rip the sheet. Now be very gentle due to the fact this sheet is verythin and may rip aside very easily. Ok, excellent, now Im going to do one morecut here simply to make this side a bit bit extra neat, alright. Fantastic, and now youve got this beautifulpurple sheet that you need to use to situation on top of sushi rolls sushi rolls like thisone. Im just going to take the sheet and therestwo sides to it, theres a tough part and theres a brilliant side. Now it doesnt topic which means down youput it, Im just going to put it down brilliant aspect first and with the hard part up.Ok, so now to firm it up you simply pressit down with a rolling mat simply to ensure that it glues on and then you reduce it likeyou more commonly would. So just cut it in half similar to this andthen reduce the halves into quarters, identical to so, and then you need to reduce the quartersinto eighths. Now be very tender with this considering the fact that thesesheets are so much thinner than Nori and they can tear so much easier. Okay so now Ive reduce it, Im just goingto company it up just in case whatever moved for the duration of cutting and then Voil! Weve got this beautiful sushi roll, simplesalmon sushi roll with this beautiful purple purple external skin.Which you could make it in exclusive varieties, forexample heres the one we made and heres the same simply with just a little extra crimson cabbageand heres the identical with a lot more purple cabbage. You can additionally make a number of exceptional types,you can make it with Daikon and different vegetables or which you could make it with simply vegetables. Go loopy, test and make loads of differenttypes of colours, tastes and just rather more terrific looking sushi. Okay, so there we go now youve bought thisgreat thought that you can apply to your sushi and make it slightly extra exciting.Now you dont must just practice it in theway that I used it, you could additionally use the sheets to switch Nori for example. Should you made the sheets just a little bit thickerso they wouldnt rip as with ease then you might use it to roll sushi rolls with, whichopens the door to limitless possibilities. Now id love to understand how you can use thesesheets to make your sushi extra intriguing or other meals dishes.Please comment under and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for looking at, see you guys subsequent week. Goodbye! End.