Good day neighbors and welcome to one other episode i’m going to are trying it in tester in these days we’re going to verify out some merchandise which might be made for journey i’ve with me two journey pillows they seem a bit bit distinct from the ones that we are used to and we have a little bit corner mounted to sort of simulate being in a aircraft like this is the window Wow the scenery is so quality so this is an eye mask reduce pillow yeah we’ve got I feel some type of like deep so it is fairly soft very well let’s put this on hmm it is particularly best in view that it feels very cosy – oh gee it’s form of good cuz even when I lie like this my face does not touch the tea Bowl you realize what’s rather nice this pot here goes in on my eyes after I’m urgent on it it gives a fine pressure and it feels really um comfortable you already know I mean so i will type of like very first-rate wow that is particularly cool I think like fine and good rested k let’s do that one in case you more commonly think my complete hair into matters i do not are aware of it just feels a big gross okay good here goes nothing oh is this imagined to do leave me like me Smith do you want breakfast what it’s kind of strange on the grounds that you recognize what this pie here and this correct right here I like it kind of like that’s a strain like this so this pie intern you extremely exposed and very bizarre like I consider like I feel I ought to try this you understand I mean for the reason that I think that it can be a number of a yeah k so all correct i’m gonna take this off now whoa okay so proper now I tell you that I suppose that i might in no way bring this by myself in view that I believe it can be big it is so massive the bag I lift is a really quite often packed filled with things so if I had to convey this as well I think find it irresistible can be a bit sore factor like like getting the best way this one I would keep in mind because it is relatively small and i will be able to style of use it like this if I wanted to in terms of cleanliness ok so the Texas spot easy most effective yeah i would not use it considering that there isn’t a cleaning choice and i can’t handle it I think the identical for this when you consider that your complete it’s going for your whole head you realize after which we are journeying that perhaps your hair is like dirty or anything after a whilst this thing is gonna get quite funky so this one i would expense it a 10 capacity to wash this factor it is like a 1 so overall i suppose i would give this a 1/2 nevertheless it’s a exceptional inspiration and it is very handy to use and i feel it fairly helps identical with this I believe like Kayla Noah however I have to say that I feel is relatively a bit gigantic but the strain on the head could be very satisfactory and like the amount of vacation accuse could be very first-rate as well so I feel i might supply this like an object I wish to use it for the reason that I think like especially the truth that I can not smooth it within I believe that is just no a tremendous no for me and a little too conspicuous i’d additionally don’t know if i might sleep with this on the theme would you definite so this is a transportable door lock and it is very effortless to hold is very easy to make use of it doesn’t require any like fancy set up and it gives you further security like whether you’re seeing like a resort or an Airbnb it helps you to lock the door from the within so although any person has the important thing they can not come in whilst you go touring right you will have to quite invariably lock this factor on high however some resorts do not have it and if you are staying at a B&B a number of them do not have it either right so this is I believe like something that might be particularly useful to have this is the way it appears put this in yeah now seem it is a entirely comfy and no person on the outside can inform that you have introduced further security and so convenient to cast off we think an oniton I suppose that is this sort of first-rate idea it is advisable to have edit security yeah we have two merchandise which are useful for the lavatory or like bathroom movements okay so in actual fact it is a feminine urination gadget so then the other thing that we’ve got is that this which is a feasible VD that is to keep the water this gets twisted here here you’ve gotten the exact the place the water comes out and right here you have got the controls greater and cut back let’s fill this with water here we’ve the section where the battery goes in i am quite quite concerned that the battery % is in direct contact with the water [Laughter] all the approach through I definite thing i like to offer them water in the way so it’s an Wow are the great thing is i assume that you would be able to really rotate according to the direction you wish to have you are going to form of attitude it however this one I think oh I particularly have to check it out accurately like in a toilet or something yeah and it’s whether or not or no longer something ok so I suppose you’re home and take a look at it and yeah well i’m going to report again what about the day the range like how powerful and the way weak it goes I feel that’s fairly restricted without a doubt you don’t get like a burst of water that you simply could need from a VD however since the fact that it is possible now not it adequate so i am gonna preserve making an attempt there and then supply it to your this i am again with my ultimate verdict overall i might provide it like six seeing that proper it’s type of compact but also now not like tremendous compact at a seek for one of the most different portable movies out there and i suppose that this falls someplace in the middle that is type of where the water goes in to come back out by way of here correct what i realized was once many times when you are almost out of water it begins to sputter due to the fact the water doesn’t like it cannot depending on which course you are turning within the water would not go precisely to the place where it feeds through it form of loses steam at the finish so then the other factor proper I used to be announcing that the force of the water coming by way of I did not think that they had an extraordinarily quantity of force but what I fully grasp can be the at the perfect strength I suppose that it’s no longer super strong yeah it sort of is sufficient to style of get water there but now not always enough to give it a radical wash which is what some individuals use it for so I discovered that some humans use viable bodies for the reason that they wish to scale down on the use of bathroom paper generally so if that’s what you are making use of it for then I feel like this does not quite have the strength imperative for it the item is Steff wasn’t it you see this sound yeah it also makes a little of a noise in case you try and be discreet about making use of this like in a public bathroom i do not consider that that is gonna offer you that and but it is going to be discreet when you’re just filling it as much as carry it to the toilet so right here we have now a goal goal and that is used to be to support women pee even as standing first of all i’m relatively impressed on account that it can be very compact all right so that is how it looks Oh fascinating well i will be able to see you it is an extraordinarily small hole for the pee to return out of this is speculated to offer you like a excellent match so you form of like fit it there and pee i will assume detailed situations the place if there isn’t any bathroom on the lavatory is slightly bit like oh so this would be useful because you just unzip and like tuck it in and pee and this is made out of Joan resistant scientific grade silicone identical factor we’re gonna carry this dwelling and check out it k thus far particularly impressed the fact that i can be standing thanks whoever shot like females wanted that you’re right the item about it is I believe just like the volume that it holds i am now not definite if it is lots like in case you have numerous peer eye you do run the threat of it style of overflowing given that also the the hole at the top is rather small I believe in a way it can be excellent on account that it helps you to manipulate I the place your pee goes and all that but due to the fact that it’s small it style of fills up beautiful speedily and it can be small which is an efficient factor but additionally that is type of where it works against it so that’s what I’ve gathered to this point from utilising it i’m gonna hold making an attempt and then come again on that ultimate verdict on the fu D I suppose the plus the gigantic giant giant large huge plus point about this is how viable it’s find it irresistible just Falls as much as this tiny little factor the fact that it’s so smooth relatively does good towards it due to the fact it can be rough to kind of get a gauge of whilst you’ve received a appropriate ceil right you realize I imply it’s tough to get a gauge of that so like if the fabric of your pants on anything is you are carrying down there is like a little bit sizzling or it is difficult to hold it down beneath this then you definitely rather run the chance of this happening yeah considering that I needed to fairly pull our pants out and hold it in situation and particularly maintain it and style of put my hand as a block oh relatively like keep it like that proper in workforce so yeah you do run the risk of that the other option is to drag your pants down however again that form of defeats the purpose of being equipped to try this discreetly i guess but it surely still allows you to do is standing up i’d give this a bye yeah due to the fact that it sort of defeats the cause of standing and peeing if you can grow to be peeing far and wide your self which I consider you run a very high chance of with this but I think the pen can also be on how just right you’re at adapting to those groups for the reason that it’s a overseas one travel bottle dispenser that is like to your skincare and your soaps and it fits four of them in a single little container so the notion is that this is presupposed to be space-saving and it averted leaks we have our four bottles a face wash hair conditioner shampoo body lotion let’s examine the way it dispenses exceptional k so to simulate a toilet atmosphere we’ve got moist both this bottle as well as my palms to look whether or not it will be slippery it isn’t it’s good we’re good Wow k i’ll say although this thing is rather gigantic so if in case you have small palms this might be a bit of bit intricate to make use of since I feel like if you’re standing in you’re urgent like this the product does sort of simply go the entire method down the part a further factor i will say you’re concerned about was truely once I opened it proper you see there is various area or akina’s to grow however this seems love it’s genuinely reasonably effortless to scrub the one vigour you worry about is that this field here in the turning route in view that it’s very tight to one another I feel like there is a lot of gunk that will get stuck in between due to the fact you do spend some thing right here ever will get caught here i’m going to just hold getting became round and handed around however that is really that my handiest gripe with this thing like everything else I think is lovely weak and a track i would give this a nine out of ten k so am i able to say anything my nails a little bit like oh in view that i’m giving them a damage from jealous so that they a little bit like but please ignore I simply need to be some some area to breathe yeah this can be a strut that presupposed to support you comfortable another piece on high of your luggage k so this is clearly beautiful at ease i’m not trying to provide this a rough time however just want to see whether or not if I were to kind of move it round whether or not it used to be Steve it feels adore it’s fairly comfortable hid whoa surely don’t you adore it like that however that held on pretty good all proper now i’m gonna are trying it with a smaller bag they say yeah with this factor it can be speculated to you understand you are supposed to try this to loosen but even on this like i am no longer urgent it it is simply going the entire method up so there is undoubtedly no grip oh ok so ideally this tighten and yeah that’s now not doing whatever but in idea if this factor right here what I believe it would be pleasant suggestion pleasant hand execution I have no idea this thing is broken so it honestly would not fairly work so i guess i would must supply it like a four on account that I imply i can nonetheless in finding methods to tighten it if I wanted to so it could nonetheless possibly work nevertheless it’s just a bit extra fussing also and this is a whole at a further bonus factor if it simply looked somewhat bit nicer I consider it will be particularly excellent this is an anti-theft felt so within that is a compartment where which you can conceal your cash it can be rather flat so I feel maybe simplest like small matters like perhaps rings some thing let’s put this by means of so it is a unisex belt so it’s a little bit colossal it is no longer meant to be trendy or whatever i assume it is relatively really excellent to have like cash on you that people are not able to see simply in case some thing happens like due to the fact that you could lose your bag you might lose your stuff if your stuff is to your pocket it’s like should you get robbed or what I imply often folks do not do your bailout I just sort of want it appear a bit of bit higher in phrases of like a hiding factor I think like lovely excellent it quite is really discreet and also you are not able to see it which fulfills its purpose I feel just like the design of the buckle doesn’t look to be too satisfactory in phrases of existence functioning as a belt but for those who in reality need it your belt to preserve up your pants this doesn’t appear excellent when you consider that it’s now not going to preserve your pants up I believe that I have no idea considering this factor it kind of holds it there however it does not think like i am more secure but i like how flat that is and even after you put money within can you see how a lot over oh I consider i’d provide this like a seven and a half yeah for whatever that’s rather valuable when travelling make-up remover wipes and considered one of my favourite ones these from Clovis tender so these are the natural make-up remover wipes so wipe itself is water-founded is paraben free there’s no artificial fragrance and the feel is that quite soft it nearly it feels meaty very much like material the best factor about that is how it’s so non sticky it simply feels so relaxed does not feel like that is make-up remover on this at all it smells very recent the real life fresh scent close to smells find it irresistible smells like the way in which this appears so mostly I’ve virtually tried to reduce on my use of wipes like every forms of wipes since it simply generates really numerous waste however sometimes if i would like it and that i quite need it for the ease or whatever then i’ll use it and that i quite like these due to the fact that they’re also like extra sustainable considering they absolutely biodegradable so i’m the example of how is honestly extra sustainable given that it has a smaller carbon footprint than chopping down bushes these are additionally unbleached so there’s no bleaching approach that releases hazardous chemical compounds into the air with the exception of all of the sustainable things like simply as a make-up remover wipe I relatively love this wipe it’s very good for me this is like a 10 out of 10 due to the fact that it gets rid of water-proof makeup however it would not fairly sort of get all of it however it still will get fairly quite a lot of it possibly care that 95 Hannah’s okay we now have come to the end of the episode if you wish to in finding all of them buy the products where to get them from you can go to our tried-and-verified facebook page or you could examine out the description box below we have the entire matters there if you’ve already subscribed to our channel thank you very so much now all you have to do is hit that value be notified at any time when a brand new video comes onto YouTube or that you can just download the click network get and you’ll be able to be capable to observe the videos earlier than they arrive out to you alright till next time mwah gonna be gorgeous [Music]