Hi, Im Tamera. Im here to introduce you to HALO DREAMS~ Now, there are a lot of mattress protectors out there but THIS IS THE ONE you want toget! Why? Well, pay close attention for the next fewminutes because you are about to find out not only why every home with babies & toddlersneeds Halo Dreams but also why this mattress cover beats every other one on the market! Lets first take it out of the bag. When you do that, the first thing you willnotice is how soft the bamboo terry surface is compared to cotton & other fabrics. Not only that but the quilting is perfect- just thick enough to be comforting but not so thick it becomes a risk factor.Bamboo is also super absorbent & what thatmeans is that, after an accident, there wont be puddles around your baby because it justquickly wicks away all that fluid 4 times faster than cotton & absorbs well over 5 fullcups of liquids, which is much more than your average accident. But even in the worst accidents there is noneed to panic! Just toss it in the washing machine, washin warm water & tumble dry on low to medium heat & you are done! No line drying at all! & it wont shrink,tear or melt in the dryer. Easy, hassle-free care that will save youtons of time & money! Does your child wake up constantly at nightfrom being all hot & sweaty? Well, with Halo Dreams you wont have thatproblem because it is breathable & heat-regulating so, whether it is summer or winter, your babywill stay comfortable all year round! Does your baby have sensitive skin or allergies? Are you always worried about toxins & harmfulchemicals in baby products? Halo Dreams is mom-approved & kids tested& is free of toxins & harsh chemicals, including bleach! The entire Halo Dreams mattress cover, infact, is unbleached – even the skirt – which is something other brands totally neglect! In fact, no effort has been spared to makeHalo Dreams both luxurious & safe for every child.The waterproofing layer in Halo Dreams is100% vinyl-free – what that means is that there wont be any toxic fumes to worryabout, your baby wont smell like plastic & there will also be no crinkly sounds towake her up when she wiggles about trying to get comfortable . Instead she can now getsome soothing nights sleep without being interrupted! Halo Dreams has been lovingly & meticulouslydesigned to help your baby get better sleep, so you can too! And lets not forget how it fits – Moms& Dads just love this feature – Halo Dreams has a deep 9 inch elasticized skirt made witha 4 way stretch knit fabric to make it super easy to put on & take off even thick mattresses…withoutany fights & without breaking your back! Unlike other mattress covers, esp.Those madeof cotton, that wont fit & become useless after just a few washes, this one will continueto fit beautifully & will last you a long time! So, you can literally just use one over & overagain without buying another one! As for mattress protection, it offers 100%protection from stains, bacteria, mold, bugs, allergens & dust mites backed by a 20-yearauthentic, unbeatable warranty which will last you much longer than you will need itfor. Where the other companies will just make emptyclaims, with Halo Dreams, you get your warranty in writing – no games, no gimmicks! Thats because The American Nest is a family-ownedcompany that believes in standing behind its products & is fully committed to helping families& protecting the environment. If you are looking for superior quality, greatvalue & complete customer satisfaction, then THIS IS IT! Forget about those wanting to make a quickbuck at your expense.Invest in a company that invests in you – Dontsettle for cheap quality ~ You & your baby deserve the best. Remember, Luxury Bedding lasts. Cheap stuff doesnt – The Quality of HaloDreams is absolutely unmatched – Make it a part of your Family today & give your babythe gift of Healthy, Natural, Safe sleep..