Hi everyone! Welcome back to Ginas Food Court, whereI build cooking so hilariously easy, even an technologist could do it. Today were establishing California Rolls! This will be my first struggle at uttering sushion my own, but were just gonna roll with it. Heres what youll need to become the sushi, and you can find the full recipe with part sums in the specific characteristics below. Gives start by preparing our sushi rice. You might be asking yourself, so whatsthe difference between sushi rice and regular rice? And that is a good question. So youre gonna wanna compute two cups of therice to two beakers of water in a medium sized pot. Put the flowerpot over medium hot until the waterstarts to boil on the outer peripheries. Then cover the toilet, substitution the heat to low-pitched, and make the rice cook for 10 times. Resist the exhort to check on the rice, becauseremoving the lid will allow the steam to escape and the rice wont cook properly.While you wait you can utter your vinegar mixtureby simply blending your rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. Once the time is up, spread the rice out ontoa shallow pan and rain your vinegar motley on top. Gently mix the rice by cutting through itwith a thin wooden or plastic spoon. Let it cool off in the refrigerator and letsstart cutting up our packs. California goes are typically filled withcrab meat, cucumber, and avocado. If you verified my last-place video on primavera stuffedchicken, youre previously very well known the snap approach to slice veggies. But today we want to cut our ingredients intojuliennes, which is just a fancy word for rectangles. So were gonna use the Karate chop method, give these ingredients a little waxon waxoff if you know what I mean.Dont forget to breathe, very important. Once youre nice and warmed up, appearance thoseingredients whos the real Karate Kid. Execution: Flawless. Hopefully by now your rice is cooled, andwe can start assembling our sushi! Lay your nori expanse down on a flat surfaceand supplement a thin mantle of rice on top, originating sure to get up against the edges. Leave a deprive of the nori disclosed alongthe bottom, this will help us roll it last-minute. Now sprinkle some sesame grains on top of therice, and lay your crab, cucumber, and avocado in a line about an inch from the top of thesheet. Get a little bit of spray on your digit andwet the uncovered piece of nori, this will help it seal the sushi reel .. Now very carefully start wheeling your expanse, continuing it delightful and tight.To part your sushi reel, use a soaking spear toprevent the rice from fastening to the knife and protect the bun from getting crushed. And thats about it, you can eat your sushiwith soy sauce, or spicy mayonnaise, or ya know, whatever you want Im not your mama. Thank you all so much for watching this weeksepisode of Ginas Food Court. Please reached that agree button and turnon notifications so you never miss a recipe ..