[ intro music] Hello everyone, thank you so much for joining me on my direct today My name is Melody and we are going to be doing a longawaited Updated apartment tour. So I moved into this space almost a year ago Which is crazy time has flowed by so quickly. I feel like it’s the perfect time to kind of show you guys around the place I feel like for the most part everything is how I like it. Of trend, There’s always gonna be little things they want to change but I’m really proud of how everything came together. If you are interested in an updated apartment tour and keep on watching and I likewise have relation Everything that I can find in the description box below But if I miss something, merely comment and I will try to get you that relate and without further ado Let’s hop into it.Alright, so here we are by the front door So when you first walk in, this is kind of just what you hear. over here I have three fastens that I get from Target and I precisely hang up the things I Grab most frequently when I leave. IE my keys and my shell. and then if we swing around over here, this is where I keep the trash, too where I retain just like Miscellaneous cleaning concoctions and things like that and then if we look down we have our shoe rack.So right now my suitor is in town, so that is why it is overflowing with shoes But generally I only try to kind of stop what I wear the most often right here Does this carpeting right here is from Ikea and I have another one in the kitchen. So let’s spin around and get into the kitchen So this is a space that has come along Slowly. I didn’t really know how I is ready to like decorate so what I tried to do is just bring in some greenery because I affection greenery.So over here we just have just the fridge and then over here We exactly have some oven stuff from Ikea. my boyfriend’s blender Which he was kind enough to give m. we have a cutting board some greenery, Coffee maker, and then this is actually like a beings beaker that I depicted with my friends back in Orlando. The stave crest, of course. we have some olive oil, charming little salt and pepper shakers, Which I cherish. I actually recently just got this. I felt like I needed a receptacle to keep my utensils in and I acquired this in the fivedollar section of Target, so that’s always a win. This bowl is from Homegoods. This frother is from Amazon. and then I really have some ropes and trash over here. I like to charge my Airpods in the kitchen.That might be kind of weird, but you are well aware, that’s just where I like to have them. And then of course we have the submerge right here I desire it cuz it has this Extendo thing, you know what I make? Alright, so that is the kitchen and it let’s swing around and do the living space this is an overview of my living space and frankly, I adore such areas. The ceilings are so high, I get so much natural ignite. Every day I wake up..I’m just like ahhh. I cherish it. So let’s go over a few things First “were having” this with your wicker basket This is from Homegoods and I just have a variety of throw rugs over here. I have a plant and it is from Hobby Lobby and this amazing planter I found at Target. It was the best deal ever y’all thirty dollars! Okay. I recently found it I was so hype. I’ve been require a really tall planter like this. So yes God was looking out when I stumbled upon that in Target. We have my Media Console in this is from Wayfair. And I’ve various kinds of only decorated with little things from my advances and camera things like that. So yeah, we have this HomeGoods Marshalls, and this is from Target. and then if you guys want to swing around a little bit. We’ll go over the couch So this is my couch I got it from Ikea and I have decorated it with a few cases different pillows from Homegoods.Homegoods, Target. This throw blanket is from Homegoods as well. This one is from Homegoods, this pillow. And then this amazing Laptop stand is from Ikea. So this rug I recently purchased and it is from carpets USA. I enjoy that it’s fluffy and soft and white-hot but it has the gray-headed, that kind of ties in the couch. so over here we just have a super basic flare. This one is from Target. To be honest, I simply don’t know what kind of lighting I crave in now so if you guys have any ideas or any suggestions, please let me know. and then we have this full length mirror I get this from Ikea and I affection it.I feel like this is kind of the star of the front room. We have like journals sknfsa[ can’t say shelf lol] why can’t I say that ?? My book shelf. There we go. Okay, so let’s go into this bookshelf a little bit more I’m going to go over where I got all my little toys. So starting up here This is actually a salt shaker, but I envisioned it it I’m Hobby Lobby and I thought it was super cute. All these are from Hobby Lobby. My notebooks which I have organised on a pigment shaping. It think it looks really pretty. and here I have two baskets that are from Ikea “Its from” Hobby Lobby, Hobby Lobby and actually coated this, it was just a brown formulate and I coated it colors. Oh, this is a plant that my boyfriend bought me a year ago! And I haven’t kill my father, y’all it is still alive. It is thriving like it frankly has moved forward so, so much. so if we swing around over here, These are the bookshelves that I articulated it myself.And you might notice .. hmm They’re kind of crooked. Don’t focus more hard-boiled on that. But yeah it is. This one is crooked. and I kind of only gave a little hodgepodge of things over here and don’t know exactly what to do with this area. I have these patches of prowes that I bought from Society6, but I don’t have chassis for more. My sisterinlaw went to Columbia for her bachelorette gathering And she got me. that my lover recently got me that. this was a going away gift. And this is a picture in their own families. So it’s really cute And then this is a mask that I get from Ghana! And then because this is a studio space Basically, it’s all open. So we’re here and then now … We’re in my power! whoa that happened Quickly! so this is my office or like my workstation , now that I’m working from residence, this is something that I’m use space more than I used to.Everything I have here is really substance that I had at work. So generally, I wouldn’t have this particular stuff out here. But because I’m working from home, I do. My work laptop my keyboard, I have a mouse pad and mouse and like another little wrist thing and then I like to keep some lotion on my table. My handwritings get really cool and I detest the feeling of dry entrusts. This is from Ikea and then my chair is from Ikea as well. So here we are in my bedroom. and this is a space that has only just been started grouped together. I started a little gallery while up now. awarded, it’s just two things so far, but it’s coming along. The artwork is from Society6 and the enclose is from Michael’s. and then the other picture made is from Target, and I enjoy it.Here is my berthed. My mattress is a Lull mattress and you guys probably is a well-known fact that if you watched my original exhaust suite safarus. My quilt is from Ikea, my sheets are from Target and this little guy is a recent gift from my boyfriend for our anniversary. This pillow is from Target and honestly at all I is ready to do when I firstly determined it was just like pet it. it’s so soft. So I bought it just so I could have something soft on my bed.This nightstand over here is the matching set for the berthed and is from Ikea. and this illustrate made perceives good-for-nothing in it hitherto, i’m trying to decide which picture I want to have in it. I found this little guy a Polaroid of my sweetheart and I. This diffuser was a Christmas gift from my friend Erika, so thank You Erika. and then here we have a fig tree. I feel like she’s very cute. She is from Hobby Lobby. And then down here, her stand is from Homegoods. and this carpet actually used to be in my living room and I moved it over here to the bedroom because I feel like it merely kind of induced the bedroom feel a bit more homey, and wreaking it some life, some coloring. So that is something new over here. We likewise have my vision board for 2020, which I’m very excited to work on this year.And then this piece of art is from Target. It’s very random. Frankly, I’m probably going to take it down but it really kind of was here so I have it up now. So over here “were having” my dresser and on top I have just like a mirror on the wall. so I can pick out the jewelry I want to wear. I have an overflowing jewelry meal. I desperately need like something to hold my jewelry, I’m looking for something. If you guys have any suggestions, let me know. below I have this cute little cactus I believe it is from Homegoods. So this is basically my dresser.I know I’ve seen some people use this as like position constitution, but for me I needed something that was tall and scrawny for my gap because it is all open being a studio. and I certainly needed something to just like fit in this corner. And this is what I noted. This is from Ikea and candidly, it gets the job done. No disorders at all. So that is basically all of the living space. We vanished from the living room into the bedroom and then we walk through this hallway we are going to be going to my lavatory. so let’s do it So this hallway is what causes back to the kitchen and also to the bathroom right here This is where the washer and dryer is. I’m not going to show it because it’s literally the event of disasters. right here is where my walkin closet is.Again , not going to show it because it’s literally a disaster. But I do want to film a video kind of show you guys how I want to organize it And it is definitely a work in progress So if you guys are interested in a wardrobe organisation video, let me know. and then let’s get into the bathroom. This is my bathroom space. I have so much better counter top space! I affection it. I desire it.I have this amazing organizational twirly thing, my brother and sisterinlaw came this for me for Christmas This is from Ikea and then these little Knockout Blender owners are from Amazon This is just an age-old mason jar. I have my skincare nonsense out right here I have some hand soap and this is the sink. Of course So what I really want to do in now was just tie in like wooden like kind of tie in That light-colored lumber complexion that we have going on everywhere else. I have this piece of art that I got from Hobby Lobby and then over the lavatory, we have wicker basket Basically what what I call it a container that holds the necessary things for the bathroom.So that’s basically the lavatory. Let’s raising it around back and then that’s really it! Thank you so much better for hanging out with me today, and I hope you enjoyed in this updated apartment safarus again, all that is I talked about in this video, I’m going to try to link below but if I missed something Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to send you over a connect. if you haven’t agreed previously be sure to. reach that like button! and I’ll see you in my next video people. treaty !.