[Captions by Mary V. At Y Translator]tremendous glue is quite common stuff and we wannna see what occurs should you mix this super glue witha couple of different elements. [Music] here’s the basic concept. We will try mixing some tremendous gluewith some baking soda. We’ll try mixing somesuper glue with the water, after which we’ll are attempting mixing it withthe water and baking soda combined. First off, we’re gonna startwith some small-scale exams utilising just a little bit ofsuperglue and a little bit of water, and we desired to take a look at waterbecause it can be so unbelievably original it is all over, and i have certainly not quite seenany type of giant quantity of superglue mixing with water.For our small-scale checks, we will just drip outa little little bit of water and slightly bit of ourglue onto this piece of foil. As it stands, the waterand the superglue seem traditionally equal. So i will add just a coupleof drops of blue meals coloring to our water in order to inform what is the waterand what’s the superglue. [Music] The reason we’re doingthis external is when you consider that superglue has some lovely powerful fumes, and doing this inside, I suppose i’d becomeoverwhelmed by means of them just by using opening the lid of the bottle. I acquired a fairly strong whiff of it. I’m very completely satisfied that i’m outsidewhere there may be a high-quality breeze. Okay. Just are attempting simply striking down afew drops of our tremendous glue here. Little puddle. Now, let’s have a look at what happensif we drip a drop of water into the middle of that super glue.Some reaction without doubt took position. We have this style of stringy,gooey plastic that is shaped. It’s, it is glued itself quitewell to the foil under it. Let’s just add more water justover that whole spill of superglue. To me, it appears like whereverthe water and the superglue sincerely are available contact,they medication in a skinny sheet. But of path as soon as there’sa skinny sheet of cured super glue, it can’t contact to any extent further of the water. It form of makes a bagor a balloon round it. Now now we have noticeable what happensif we drip water into tremendous glue. Let’s see what happensif we drip tremendous glue into water. We have received somewhat puddle of waterthat has some meals coloring in it. See what occurs ifwe add a drip of tremendous glue. Exciting. It kind of like appears likeit splashed outwards but then there’s likea core drop in the center.With our little bamboo skewer right here, i can lift up underneaththat very thin sheet. You will find that it is cured. Sort of string where the gluethat’s nonetheless within the water maintains reacting with the water. This is honestly fairlysimilar to how nylon is made. Oh hello, it is product of tremendous glue. So it sticks to things like my gloves. Ok, same as before we did a small scan. Let’s are attempting a little bit extra. Simply duvet that entire areaof water in superglue directly. [Music] I might have simply discovered howSpider Man makes his internet fluid. Good, there we go. There’s a attractive view proper there. Only a blob of cured super glue,and that occurred by means of pouring the tremendous glue ontoa big blob of water. I quite wish to takethis up yet another stage. So, I’ve obtained my entire dropperfull of tremendous glue right here, and i am just gonna seewhat occurs if I squirt all of it into this cup ofbluefied water immediately.[Music] we now have obtained anything loopy goingon at the bottom of this cup. Oooh it’s squishy. That is gonna be hardlike the other plastic but that is very very gooey… Ah! And sticky. It is sticky! Well i will get new gloves. This is our sticky gooey plastic. This is what happenswhen you just pour aww! Ow, ow! It is hot! Ugh! Exothermic reaction whensuperglue catalyzes against warm. Whoo! That started burningmy fingers a bit bit. Yeah.That’s that is quite very heat. Very toasty gonna grab some extra gloves. The following thing we’re goingto are trying is a few of our baking soda. And we’re gonna be utilizing baking sodabecause in a variety of hobby circles, it can be well-known that baking sodacauses superglue to catalyze almost instantly. It’s a fashionable option to fillsome gaps or do small repairs on model constructing and matters like that. You’re taking baking soda, fill in the gap, add some tremendous glue on top of it, and it is going to catalyze andharden nearly right away. That you would be able to then sand it downand paint over it. It can be a horny cool trick. Like with the water, we’ll startwith a small pile of the baking soda, and we will drip some super glueonto it and watch what happens. [Music] that’s stable.That is stable. That’s solid. Let’s have a look at how swiftly it turns strong. I’m gonna poke it rightafter it drips down on. [Music] Already stable. Now not even sticky anymore. Let’s have a look at if we can makea taller pile and drip it on there, and spot if we are able to liftit off with out sticking to the foil. [Music] Our super glue down ontothe baking soda. Cured right away. Now we will just lift it proper off. [Music] We simply have this little piece ofhardened plastic like substance.I do know I shouldn’t have very goodleverage on it but it surely’s really long lasting too. There we go. Ultimately acquired it to snap. Type of a translucent coloured plastic. We’re bringing the dimensions up a little bit bit. I’ve a rather bigger pile of baking soda, and this time i’m simply gonna squirt all thisdripper of tremendous glue correct down into it. Right here it goes. [Music] these fumes coming off a bitt. Take into account how I saidit’s an exothermic response, that suggests it’s getting scorching. There used to be sufficient of it that it made it allthe manner down through the baking soda pile and that’s fused onto the foil.Good we did the tremendous glueinto baking soda. Same because the water,let’s are trying reversing it. Let’s have just a little puddle of the tremendous glue, and drop some baking soda down into it, and watch what occurs. [Music] in every single place that had bothbaking soda and tremendous glue has hardened into plastic. And it does no longer wantto peel off the foil this time. That’s beautiful excellent and glued on there. It starts tearing as soon as I are trying.Our superglue combinedwith water cures lovely swiftly. Our super glue mixed with baking soda therapies just about instantly. I consider like I fairly must see what happens if I combine baking soda inthe water after which add the super glue. Will the dissolved baking sodamake it react even faster? Will make it slower? Will it postpone a variety of heat? We saw some just right exothermic reactions. Will that maintain taking place evenif it can be in the water? Let’s discover. [Music] as soon as once more, i am going toadd just a little little bit of blue.Rationale I think in an effort to make iteasier to peer what goes on. All proper let’s begin withone drip of tremendous glue into our heavily saturatedbaking soda water. That cured fast, and then like crystallized afterward. [Music] Kinda look like little jellyfish. Oooh larger jellyfish oooh wow. And that started putting off smoke or fumes or anything with out a entire lot happening. This isn’t as blue as when wemix it with just the water. So some thing concerning the baking sodais making it so it doesn’t mix as much. [Music] So the baking soda water reallymakes the tremendous glue react speedily, and that i even tried scaling it up a littlebit through dripping in additional drops at once. But what I wanna do is take therest of this bottle of super glue, which you’ll discover continues to be in general full and this whole cup of slightlyblue baking soda saturated water, and pour each of them intothis jar at the same time.I wanna see what kindof reaction we get when that so much super glue reactswith that a lot baking soda water. Okay right here we go. Baking soda water. Gigantic amounts of super glue goingin whilst. Three two one. [Music] Oh I don’t know what we just made there. [Music] Jar’s somewhat bit warm. Nothing crazy. Well getting hotter. The highest of it is really hot in reality. The backside, much less down right here. Extra up here. There we go. That’s about 6 oz. Of superglue, and generally 10 oz of water and that, that used to be crazy. It appears like I took a few plastic bags, and shoved them downinto a jar full of water. I’m type of curious aboutthe within this. So I consider I need to trybreaking the jar open and seeing if i will be able to get any of that plastic out.It could simply be glued to the walls. All proper let’s find outwhat is inside of this jar here. [Music] So that is water. Now not sticky. [Music] That clearly was tremendous glue. Very sticky. [Music] this is our blob. Our blob of super glue,baking soda and water. These items has variety of aninteresting texture. It can be now not too heavy, and elements of it are particularly delicate and squishy. I can simply drive my fingers proper into them. It’s adore it’s sheets andcompressed plastic. Which i assume is just how it solid. It can be now not definitely compressed,it began it this fashion. [Music] Now, I did this experiment becauseI had on no account seen a enormous quantity of superglue get mixedwith water or baking soda, or principally bakingsoda saturated water.So that is fairly just a discovery. I desired to understand what’s gonna happen. So i attempted it out. And happily, I failed to have got to go out and buy300 tiny little bottles of tremendous glue. You can purchase the huge bottles online. That’s fairly first-class. It is fun to gain knowledge of what is going to happen. This is simply someextremely normal chemistry gazing what happens while you poursuper glue within the baking soda water. And now i do know. Now, i do know what is going to happen. Turns into compressedplastic bag jellyfishes. Or some thing. Guys, we have bought extra for you to see.The little field up on the high willtransport you directly to our final video, and also you will have to go assess it out. The field on the backside showsyou what YouTube thinks you must be watching now, and if you hit this bomb, you’ll be able to be subscribed to our channelso you certainly not miss a video. Don’t forget to ring that belland we will see you within the subsequent one. Speak to then you definately..