Okay so today I’m gonna be doing a WhatItems Do I still Recommend From My First Baby Registry video. I’m gonna do a second video talking about what I would add on to my registry this time for baby number two. But I’m just gonna go through on the website now … um this is from babylist.com. I’ll talk about why I enjoy that later. I’m just gonna be seen whether I applied it and if I would recommend it or not. You will be able to see all the prices under each item here and let’s get started! So Motherlove nipple cream.I expended it for the short time that I did breastfeed and I really loved it I would keep it on there. Lansinoh breast pads. These are disposable. I never actually abused these. compel I didn’t have disclosing concerns. But if I saw you I would not put these on there and I would just get reusable ones that you can bath because it’s more environmentally friendly and justbecause then you don’t have to spend money on those. Next are talent cards. You can throw whatever you want on there … Amazon, Wegmans, Buy Buy Baby, Target. Gift posters are a great thing to turn in your registry because sometimes people precisely don’t know what to buy you and they’d rather merely give you the money and then you can get what you want.So I say knack posters all the way. Babygear … Owlet smart sock. Definitely a pricey item. You can have people chip in for an item so not just one person has to buy it. So I would definitely positioned this on there … 100%. It was great for us even a second time mothers. I’m still gonna use the one “were having” from our first baby with our second babe. This just gave us peace of mind and it was amazing! Love it! Uh, battalion n’ participate. You can precisely get a really simple pack n’ play-act. You don’t have to get the one withthe bassinet or anything else in it.They sell these even cheaper depending onwhat type you get. You can get them for I belief $40. I got one recently for my mother and yeah certainly rectified the bundle n’ play on there. They are great for passage. You can be utilized it as your bassinet in your office if you want to and we still use ours you know every once in a while when we travel with my family. My mother has one and that’s what Mikko sleeps in when he is at their house and he’s almost two. Next is a some sort of play rug. These are really great when they’re really young. Has a little mirror here they can look into. These dolls can actually go down on the second rung now. So they can play with the dolls. Mikko loved this one he was really tiny. I’m sure it’s in some of our older vlogvideos but you can find them online probably for cheaper somewhere but theseare really great. I would keep these. Next is it cliff n’ movement. We did adoration oursfor Mikko but they are on recall. So that’s all I’m gonna say about that one. I don’t even think you can probably made them on your registry anymore. So safe first. Next is a diaper bag. This is specifically from Target. We enjoy this thing. It wreaks huge for cloth diapering. There’s so many different pockets youcan throw in here. We utilized it for formula and cloth diapering. Has lots of room andit’s a backpack which believe me you’re gonna want a knapsack. Simply trust me on that. So certainly this would be one I would put on my registry. For transportation … um I had this Binxy hammock cart thing on my schedule. We never got it. I still kind of want to get it. But it is not a necessity. You can justput the child either in their vehicle tush and settled it in there and get lessgroceries or you can take them out, put them in a carrier and then go just fine. But this examinations kind of cool. So I would still give it on your registry if you can get it. I’m gonna leave joins for everything down below that’s on this registry.I’m gonna give you one that is the full toll and then formerly about half the expenditure that I detected. So yeah, I would still get it. Next is a convertible automobile bench. Um, you’re not gonna need this right away and most components in your registry are things you want to use right away. But I would recommend any of the larger items that you’re gonna need a little bit later on even … introduced them onyour registry. That action you know if you are really lucky and you have people buying you more expensive things or parties chipping in, it’s totally worth it.So you don’t have to be blast out you are well aware $ 200 later on when you have a young child. This Britax acts really great. The only con I would say is it doesn’t have a cup holder. So maybe don’t precisely get this one, but I’ll too leave the link down below for the other one “were having”. Which doeshave a cup holder and you can employed snacks in it and that saves their own lives when traveling. So um not this one exclusively, but situated a convertible automobile seat.Next I’m going to do both of these at once. This is the Graco Modes travel system and then here’s just an extra base. I would ever recommend if you have at least two gondolas and you’re using an newborn vehicle seat, throw in a base in each vehicle. and then you can merely excerpt the car posterior back and forth it. It is direction easier. But we really love this proceed system. This is a great stroller. We use it is now time as a regular stroller withour son.It has a great basket. It can go through snow. It operates really great in my opinion. So I desired this one. It’s a really goodsize extremely. Next “re gonna be all” invests and supplements. For having a winter baby I would say this is fun if you’re gonna take your babe out quite a bit when you know you’re playing with older girls or you walk a lot, things like that. We didn’t do that too much when Mikko was younger. So we never actually used one. So I wouldn’t settled it back on there but you know, you are eligible to. This is just something I introduced justification I thought it was cute. I got it and it was cute. Again, if you want to be really minimalist with your invests, only get a bunch of either short sleeve or long sleeve white-hot onesies and then some throbs or something like that and you’re good to go.These are really cheap. You can get you know all different battalions … battalions of five, carries of ten I think. Alldifferent months. So I is undoubtedly recommend those. These bibs I would recommend up until they’re eating solids because they don’t have a pocket. But ifit’s just for a drooling bib or for when they’re just you know using likedrinking formula, breast milk, whatever that is, these do work really great andthey’re super cheap. You get 10 of them for about $15 and they’re super high quality and you know they’re the rainbow, so why not.Swaddle coverings. I would notrecommend getting Aden and Anais if you don’t want to have to spend themoney on them. They are more expensive. A parcel of the companies out there .. Target, other firebrands oblige swaddle rugs that are much cheaper and they’re just as good. Wash them a few times and they’re gonna be just as soft and you know they’re just gonna get a bunch of body fluids on them anyways. So I wouldn’t undoubtedly recommend these, but applied swaddle blankets of some sort on there Next is the Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer. We never got it and I don’t think we would have ever used it. We actually had a Baby Brezza Formula maker, which I will talk about in our next video with my registry number two. But I don’t think you’re ever gonna need one of these in all honesty.My child make freezing formula, he took warm formula, he did not care which one. If you do have a picky baby, then you might need it but again I certainly don’t think you do. Pacifier excerpts … maybe not consequently this one because these are kind of expensive. In all fidelity I would just use like the ones from Target. Which I’ll leave whatever ones I recommend down below. Pacifier clips save your life if youhave pacifiers. Really believe me on that. Next is the support chair for the IKEAhighchair. I don’t have the IKEA highchair on now, the Antilop, I think it’s called. I’ll make a little picture here just of what it looks like. But definitely get the support pillow if you’re gonna get the a chair because then you can start your child in that chair much younger then if you don’t and believe me this was super awesome and we adoration our highchair. So I recommend that very even though it’s not on this registry. Next is Comotomo bottles. Ifyou want to made them on your registry and someone’s willing to buy them foryou..Aka cause they’re expensive … make love! They’re 100% worth noting. I love them. If youdon’t want to do that or you’re not sure what bottles you demand, you can see here Babylist also has what’s called a Bottle Box. So if somebody wants to get you it’s like a little sample pack of bottles, that’s a really another enormous sentiment very. So you could do either of those. I would recommend you do these or I do asample backpack. Next are these Gerber Birdseye Prefold Cloth Diapers. We should not use these for cloth nappies. We actually use them for belching cloths, spit cloths, any sort of rag. Um they are super cheap You get a pack of ten. They’re about$ 1 per rag I guess and they assimilate everything because they’re for cloth diapers.So they suck lots of liquid. Believe me don’t get boojie … um you know burp rags or anythinglike that. Precisely get these. They’re great. Um the drying rack … the grass dehydrating rack. These are really great. I use them because we use formula. We abused a lot of bottles. Actually two of these and they just look really nice. Again you don’t need to have them. So if you don’t want it, you don’t have to. But I would add on my registry. I think they’re great! Munchkin cleaning brush set. If you usebottles or any sort of small child like toys, these are gonna come in handy. Umit’s only$ 3, so clearly add it to your inventory. Believe me you, it’ll be worth it. Um this one I would say yes … get onto. You’re not gonna need it right away, until your child’s actually like standing up in the bathtub. Which will be much older, but when they do um … you know .. you don’t want to forget to have one of these. They actually are really great and our child performances with the spurt envelop all the time.Baby tub thermometer. Oh, don’t put it on your registry. You’re not gonna end up needing to use it. Merely use your common sense. Stick your hand in. Believe me, you can tell if it’s hot fairly … if it’s hotenough and or too hot for your child. As for shampoo, this Cetaphil smells astonishing. With the calendula .. I know that’s how you say it. It drives really great it, smells really great. We still use it. Totally recommend it. Diapering … if your cloth diapering, these trip moisture pouches are amazing. They’re exclusively $14 for three of them. We are still using them virtually 2 years later for when we put in our diaper container with our cloth diapers. Emphatically recommend them. Then we have larger ones of a same nature when we stay at home. Next is baby washcloths. These I would definitely not recommend … the Neat Solutions. They gaped really cute because they’re bright and complexions, but they’re actually really bad quality. They’re just makeshift. You are likely use your own washcloths to be totally honest if they’re soft enough. But I can try to leave the ones that have already been down below if I can find them … that I actually like. Nappies … clearly if you’re gonna usedisposable diapers made them on your registry. Put as numerous as you crave because if you’re gonna apply disposables you’re gonna need a good deal of them.I would just work with maybe one pack of newborns or maybe two if you want to be safe about it. Simply because you don’t even know if your child’s gonna fit into newborn napkins. Depending on what width they come out. So size one is usually a little bit of a safer pot. We abused newborns for a short period of time, but not too long. These are Earth’s Best. I consumed these because I’m like oh they’re environmentally friendlyblah blah blah.In all franknes you are eligible to only use whatever label you crave and it’s perfectly fine. Water mops … I would not framed these on my registry. They labor just fine. They’re great, but they’re just so expensive. You can get ones that are way cheaper from your local store and they manipulate just as great. So I would simply threw the Target brand or whatever your neighbourhood … we have a Wegmans. We use Wegmans brands erases. Love them. They’re great. So save your fund. Don’t get the Water Wipes. Um, FisherPrice Stow n’ Go Bassinet. Genuinely love this. “Thats what we” exercised when Mikko was inour bedroom as our bassinet because it’s actually a really small size and i just like it because it actually folds up. All of these little limbs come apart, it precisely crumbles and it’s really great for walk. So if you want to travel bassinet other than the battalion n’ play, this works really great when they’re smaller. Now for expanses for your crib … um in all honesty I would just get a Newton baby mattress.Which I’ll leave a link down below. That is a breathable mattress. You do not need to have a sheet on there. That’s actually something they recommend is not. But if you’re gonna get a sheet, don’t boast for the Burt’s Bee ….$ 18.00 action too expensive. Just get a Jersey cotton fitted sheet. Something cheap from Target. They succeed just fine and believe me they’re gonna get dirty. You don’t need to invest a lot of money on a membrane. Okay, next health and safety pieces. Safe swabs … you don’t need these these. They are actually really bad quality in my opinion and you’re supposed to simply use a clean and not deposit anything in your baby’s ear regardless. Tylenol … lifeguard. Get babes tylenol! Whether it’s this one or the generic symbol. Believe me, westill use it. Oh my gosh you need it. Saline lowers … we use these sometimes with our booger chump, which you’ll experience down below. We never use gripe irrigate so I wouldn’t applied it on my registry but some babes need it. Gas relief puts, we never exercised either. Again some children need it. We didn’t, so I wouldn’t settled it on there.Baby wipe … I don’t think we ever employed this. So again I wouldn’t placed that on there. A bunch of these things I wouldn’t consequently put one across your roll until Ithink you actually need them and then you can just go out and get them and I think it’s a lot cheaper. This is the one that I would recommend you put on your registry is the boogie bulb babel …. babe nasal aspirator. This one comes apart so it is really easy to cleanse. A plenty of people say these type aren’t goodbecause you can’t clean them. Well this one comes apart. We can clean it just fine. I think it runs amazing. We still use it on my child and you knowit’s only $ 13 and it’s latexfree, if that makes any difference.I don’t think you need to sport for the Nosefrida and all of the filters and all that other fancy stuff. Just get a boogie bulb okay. Then this thermometer. Definitely not worth it. Do not spend your money. Simply get a regular thermometer. You can stick it under their arm you’ll get time um accurate construe. We never actually even went this thing towork. It actually drew us really mad and unnerve. So I has not been able to kept this on my registry. The rest are just toys and journals. As you can see we have different works that are lgbt friendly. If you miss a directory of some of the booksthat we got please let me know and I can make a video about what bibles we have gotten for “their childrens” that are lgbt friendly.Um so that’s really up to you what you put on your list. Then we just had one toy on there which was the spiraling doll. Which he actually use quite a bit. Weput this on his frolic mat which I presented you up there and on his little car set limb thing when we were in the car. It is a hundred percent worth it. It was really great. So that is everything I put one over my registry. There’s definitely things that we got that were not on this registry that I would a 100% recommend. So on the next video I will talk about what items I would put one over our second registry in addition to what you ascertained here. So hopefully you guys like this video. Oh and by the way the above reasons I really like babylist.com is because you can actually operation an app as you can see here. So you can see there’s a cluster ofdifferent options for targets that you can buy from. I’m just clicking on Amazon here and then there’s lots of items.You can pick anything. So I’m just going toclick let’s say Pampers … and then you know click on which one you crave. Click Add To Babylist. You can click what list you miss it in. The length that wishes to. So let’s lay in three. Click Add To Babylist and then that’s it. It’s been added and again, you can go to multiple different stores.You can add your own. You can just go into the store … use just the way it is. So I genuinely desire it because it’s really simple and you can use it from multiple different places. Multiple different you are well aware places, websites, whatever you want. So parties aren’t fixed to merely one place. So hopefully you like that. Again look out for my next video of parts I’m gonna add to my second registry and I will see you guys in the next video. Bye everybody !.