I’m going to show you how to draw salmon bun traditional course so this is the half sheet of seaweed and I have bamboo mat wrap in the Saran wraps rough area up and the place in front over you wait your hand take sushi rice and spread rice on the seaweed make sure you have no rice Zone on the top about one-fourth to half inch now I have rice is ready so the salmon yeah I’m going to cut the salmon about half inch rectangular shape and then make sure you cover edge to hem some people do merely the center and that conveys when you slice it you get nothing on the last piece you don’t want to have that so make sure you have a ch2 advantage you demand a kind of oval wrap each other so that there’s no cavity in between make sure you have filled with the ingredients so that each time you slice you have nice full length of the fish at the same time the rice now I’m picking up the bamboo with my digit with other forefinger inhibit the ingredients and they end up there seaweed leaves the end of the rice tacking cleanse when you flatten the sushi you don’t want to put too much pressure in it but right now my place is just make it tighter so that it’s not too much air pocket inside so now I’m picking up the end of the bamboo and the go and that’s your some regular roll so I’m going to show you how to slice I moisten my bayonet a little bit so that it doesn’t stick to the rice and cut it in half first I’m going to show you how to slice a little fancy way and I chipped the end angle so that’s your salmon rolling traditional style