Prefabrication of the grid from 2kms of glass fiber pultruded pipes assembling man or woman tubes with sleeves we’re constructing here a "temporary cathedral" that we name "ephemeral cathedral" in the course of the renovation plenty of volunteers are worried within the fabrication process I … I wanted to aid … Somewhat bit i’ve been assisted by way of a few people certainly for technical and architectural choices it’s group work ! This constitution will keep here for a minimum of 18-24 months and can provide sufficient performances related to waterproofing, air sealing, heating with an enduring concrete ground the 550m2 grid is now able to by way of lifted-up by using two cranes last coordination meeting before launching the erection stage checking the connections the grid is basically deformed via elastic bending the structure is anchored to a concrete strip footing with a unique steel approach when the grid is fully fixed it adopts perfectly the form predicted through numerical simulations a 3rd layer of tubes is brought to the principal grid to ensure bracing subsequently the constitution is blanketed by a percentcovered fabric see more on : www.Thinkshell.Fr/developed/