Hello everyone i am white yuan( White yuan)( Shown)( Cooking VLOG)( Cooking Log of Bai Zong Yuan)( Seaweed Rolled Rice)( from one to ten) As long as the food is delicious[ Bai Zhong Yuans Cooking Mystery] Let constitute seaweed rice rotations today Some people think that seaweed rolled rice Hard to meet So today Not because I am not good at stirring seaweed rice Tells start with the simplest seaweed wheeled rice Make the difficult seaweed reeled rice Take people for example Not learn to walk But start belief from slithering Seaweed rice? As long as here i am seaweed and rice, it is seaweed flattened rice. Seaweed and rice are also called seaweed gone rice Its also called seaweed reeled rice and also Use this roller Too called seaweed flattened rice The above-mentioned issues is to break Traditional concept of seaweed flattened rice Really as a cook competition with seaweed and rice The theme is Lets play with seaweed flattened rice Even people who have never originated seaweed rice After seeing this episode, you can do it yourself Friends from overseas who dont are aware that Im talking about Will request What are you talking about? Not Sushi SUSHI NO! GIMBAP!( Korean pronunciation of seaweed rolled rice) Let me educate you how to establish seaweed rice Come Make seaweed gone rice To prepare seaweed Then too need( Material quantification …) Don’t think about it Seaweed Rolled Rice Must have seaweed And rice( Prepare seaweed and rice) Roller blinds? Not needed now( STEP. 1 Seaweed) When I came to the supermarket recently There will be many kinds of seaweed There will be seaweed for seaweed buns There are grilled seaweed There are also unbaked ones It doesn’t matter, everyone look at this There is no seasoning Is the original seaweed Its not Sam Kim, its Raw Laver No salt will fall[ Bai Zhong Yuans Cooking Mystery]( STEP. 2 Seasoning) Ordinary salt MSG salt Salt MSG salt Of course MSG salt is delicious No MSG salt can simply use salt Will be very light The main thing about seaweed flattened rice is the seasoning of the rice As long as the rice is seasoned fairly Exactly kept a marinaded radish or dont framed other stuffed rice will also be savory really When seasoning( 1 teaspoon of MSG salt( 3g )) Put a bit more salt Look at the restaurants sector where the seaweed rice rosters are delicious Some targets consume MSG salt Then employ MSG or other spices Even if I exclusively use MSG salt at home Will likewise be savory To obligate seaweed flattened rice Compared to hard rice It would be better if the rice is thinner but Don’t care about it Hard rice or porridge If you want to choose one of the two Rice in seaweed moves It’s better to be thinner Sesame oil( 2 tablespoons of sesame oil( 12 g )) The best rice for seaweed moves is When you want to start rolling seaweed rice I have utilized MSG salt and sesame petroleum to adjust the spice, but unexpectedly I dont want to roll( Raw shredded radish/ the last time) It can be served immediately with shredded radish This is a success Yummy[ Bai Zhong Yuans Cooking Secret] Fish cakes more Square Or follow someone else to buy crab meat There will be Burdock and Pickled Radish Set Also bought ham Thinking about buying ham As a upshot, there are leftover sausages at home This ham For children How can children use it here Seaweed flattened rice actually Same to bibimbap What is bibimbap You can situate everything in and concoction it is bibimbap Put anything in the seaweed and roster it up It’s seaweed reeled rice( STEP. 3 Seaweed Rolled Rice) Come and try The professional chefs in the seaweed rotation restaurant are like this Pick up a dance of rice Stick it creating now Spread the snack Great Try to draw the rice as thin as possible to look good Then the important thing is Do you want to spread the rice to the edge It was meant to be spread to the edge The principle of seaweed flattened rice is to put ingredients in it Let the rice on this side and that slope glue together But it would be tiring to do that Will want to give up so don’t care about this Don’t care if you want to spread the rice to the side Just spread the rice as thinly as is practicable Then start to rolling like this This is seaweed rolled rice It’s seaweed reeled rice As long as the food is delicious Do something else Upgraded copy Just opened the refrigerator and took a gaze With pickled radishes and eggs( STEP. 4 put ingredients)( Amount of cooking oil)( 1 egg) Tell everyone how to make an omelet Fry one first Seaweedsized omelette Egg yolk mingled well( Fry an egg the dimensions of the seaweed) but Don’t sprinkle salt very thinly( Amount of MSG salt) Whoops broke( It doesn’t matter if the fried egg is broken) What I want to tell you now is Actually seaweed flattened rice nothing special When ready By hand softly Grab Onigiri the same sizing as a baseball Never caught a baseball? It’s the same size as a tennis ball If it’s not easy Glance Grab a chunk Stick it Do it again if you are not successful Lightly hold deliver now Like health professionals cook Put one Pickled carrot puts egg like this At will Was meant to be like this Then do this and grasp this slope Roll it like this Then click Will stay Then bun it up directly After trimming it like this, Will look like Tai Chi patterns It can be explained that it was deliberately uttered like this Then at the edge Made it for me regardless Dip some spray A layer of sesame lubricant will be applied on it before thin( Apply a blanket of sesame oil after constructing the seaweed rice flatten) Does it look like the one sold under the place? Yummy( It’s delicious if you exclusively use fried eggs)( Too much filming and editing)( You can also go it backwards)[ Bai Zhong Yuans Cooking Secrets]( STEP. 5 Application) Know the essential points Let’s supplemented burdock this time Try it Simple Put a stewed radish Burdock Crabmeat What else Right sausage sausage( Sausage cut in half) Sausage or ham Equated to adding it immediately You can fry it a bit and contributed it to make it more delicious( Sausage or ham will be better if you supplement it in a fry) Friends abroad Or friends who watch the show far away Isnt it this vegetable? Just go to the supermarket in Korea Don’t because there is no stewed burdock Precisely heartbroken I’ll tell everyone what to do when it is not possible to burdock Oops It will be very delicious if you framed it immediately in after sauteing Cut the sausage in half and set it in Let’s see how to roller Roll up in this regime Material went inside So red-hot so sizzling Don’t give the material picture clink it once glue together Tap The original coming was Here and now is necessary to glued together But because I didnt put any cloths, I couldnt stick together. title So don’t feel adversity After putting the materials in Just sweep away the breath So click Dont let air in there then like this Roll up gradually then Dip some water It’s done at the end What do you frequently do Generally at In the restaurants sector Will be rolled up with a roller blind To make a look But you dont need this( Appropriate amount of sesame lubricant)( You can put in numerous materials to perform seaweed rice) Is it decent? If sausage is added No need to add crab meat Really Crab meat would be a pity[ Bai Zhong Yuans Cooking Secret] Start now To draw seaweed rice Afraid of everyone misreading Explain in advance I will be lovely if I make up my intellect Lie to everyone I don’t know how to flatten Where’s the seaweed rice? Like seaweed rolled rice in heaven Aunts are the best this time( STEP. 61 Basic Seaweed Rolled Rice( Preparation )) Lets perform the seaweed reeled rice that we typically feed Now Although it is not a required fabric But frequently … how to say Not formal Well standard Called STANDARD GIMBAP in English Pickled radish in cases where No pickled radish for seaweed rice Only the noodle store Halfmoon marinaded radish Or have such a long strip Can be cut into strips But like before Because marinaded radishes are not highly delectable So mothers who used to be good at cooking Or are living abroad now Overseas Friends who have difficulty buying pickled radishes If you think pickled radish is only salty You can do this if you are sad Dont be baffled to buy this kind of marinaded radish for seaweed flattens Merely cut into long strips Soak in water after chipping Take a big bowl In the ocean Put in 1:1 carbohydrate And vinegar It savor like you cant finish it in one sip and you cant drink it with a spoon It’s pretty good But its still a bit eerie Just receives an telepathy A friend said dont time talk and let me get it on Although it is difficult, let’s evidence it to everyone Come This one has been chanted Although it’s already savor, we still have to do stupid things What about us Love every fan on the other side of the earth Just for that person There should be no such beings in Korea You cant usage apple cider vinegar for vinegar.Use brewed vinegar. The ratio of vinegar to sugar is 1:1( 2/3 beaker of yellow-bellied carbohydrate( 100 g) 2/3 goblet of brewed vinegar( 130 g ))( 2/3 bowl( 130 g) of purified ocean) The sea is also 1:1: 1 Why not tell everyone the remedy rate Because it’s like vinegar Every country has different acidity Thick Rare lusciou Even if its sold in the market recently Same kind nearly Sweet and sour taste But it doesnt savor like this before I did this on purpose before my mother Good at offsetting seaweed rice Mother used to do this often So every time I introduce seaweed gone rice, it will be very popular The confidential is Pickled the pickled radish in advance( Unseasoned marinaded radishes is advisable to marinaded with carbohydrate and vinegar) If you do it yourself When chipping pickled radishes Will feel like a cook After chipping put in This type of Or thin If there is no time Can be thinned Anyway, you are eligible to articulated more[ Bai Zhong Yuans Cooking Mysteries] Everyone imagines Seaweed wheeled rice is delicious The item is Seasoning! The balm of sesame lubricant Salty and sweetened savour A little bit more chewy Does one bite have a crunchy texture or something else? There is also seaweed gone rice Color The last is the taste of meat Only these combined To determined whether the seaweed rice is good or not So we have to combine substance Can perform endless seaweed goes[ Bai Zhong Yuans Cooking Secret] Good pickled radish And burdock ready Then spinach Buy spinach Spinach is very fresh recently Usually after buying it back Consider how to deal with the beginnings If you cut off the spring like this Cut out Will be separated It is more convenient to cut when the amount of spinach is small but If you require spinach It is clear If “youre seeing” the lettuce at a glance, it is required to positioned the whole spinach Do it in two ways One is to cut off the spring a little bit Do not make spinach needles separate( Wash after processing spinach seeds) You can blanch the spinach in irrigate Try it Because well worldweary( Appropriate amount of cooking lubricant) Sprinkle with cooking lubricant( Put spinach in a frying pan) Sprinkle with salt( Amount of MSG salt)( Spinach can be blanched or stirfried) Can’t going to tell everyone a shortcut Soon Yellow and dark-green are ready What to prepare next Fried eggs Fried eggs Most annoying Can’t “lets get going” Fried eggs are very stressful Where’s the seaweed rice? If everyone is Seaweed Roll Restaurant Vision will be important But now I am the only one Its the last look title Although the flatten is muddled But isnt it decent after carve? But it’s not meant to lie Same with eggs Don’t give fried eggs Any pressure At least for the egg be useful for seaweed rollers I transgress the pressure for everyone Like breach an egg Suggest everyone Best be Eggs in seaweed reeled rice( Try to place fried eggs in the seaweed rice goes) In case of sausage and ham, you can leave it alone like this( Proper amount of MSG salt) Salt must be applied When frying eggs Can add some sugar( Yellow carbohydrate is appropriate) Eggs and sugar competition well Sprinkle with cooking petroleum( Right amount of cooking lubricant) Pour more Everyone knows next Fried eggs How to shape fried eggs luscious With flaming In petroleum Like fried And since it’s done It’s best to fry the eggs thicker Compared to reduce eggs My favorite is The front should be fried like fried After turning over, fry like deep-fried What is my favorite? Just Ready to pour the egg smorgasbord Seems to be disorient It’s ok After pouring the egg( STEP. 6+1 Fried Egg VER. 1) A little burnt bouquet It’s okay, don’t be nervous How to turn this over Look carefully Use long chopsticks such like this See it Fish up Fish up like this Like hanging robes flip over It doesn’t matter if you disappoint call Then employed it here( VER. 1 Normal Fried Egg) Make one The next one is To appearance everyone that you can fry eggs at will( Appropriate amount of cooking petroleum) Pour in enough cooking petroleum Maximum Hot utensil( STEP. 6+2 Fried Egg VER. 2) You can also stir at will why Because it’s put in the seaweed rice Oh! It’s all transgres! What to do? Scrambled eggs Yeah it’s okay( Don’t worry about the appearance of deep-fried eggs) Set aside the delicately fried eggs like this Oh, what should I do? Turn it over well Completely clambered eggs So sizzling so red-hot It’s ok Egg ready No need to cut Just pour it up( No one will know that everything is done in the seaweed went rice)[ Bai Zhong Yuans Cooking Secrets]( STEP. 62 Basic Seaweed Rolled Rice( Rolled Seaweed Rice) Good ingredients are ready to start stimulating seaweed flattened rice( Too much shooting content)( Fried fish patties, fried eggs, fried carrots, fried spinach and marinaded radishes) Do it first Everyone is more strange about seaweed flattened rice Do it in two ways Take the rice clod and stick a piece of seaweed Spread the meal One then A bit more Time to solve curiosity Exactly the same First of all Add marinaded radish Burdock carrot spinach egg Crabmeat This is a version The other is Add marinaded radish Burdock carrot A big spinach into spinach egg Curious( Seaweed rolled rice with stacked ingredients)( Seaweed wheeled rice with ingredients spread out) Are you curious to tell the truth Start rolling I told everyone not to care too much about flattening up like this What to do, maintain it gently until information materials does not show like this Until the material inside wont fall out when picked up vertically How to Won’t fall out This feature is about the same That is something that uses the same method Will information Hold down Until it won’t show up then Dip complete Here more( Spread a layer of sesame lubricant on the rolled seaweed rice) Inquisitive Look( Don’t care about the spot of the materials) They are exactly the same The inference are similar[ Bai Zhong Yuans Cooking Secret] Important degree Roll up You can roll it up all at once Roll it up with a roller blind Why am i now I must hurriedly flatten it up with a roller blind Beings who cause roller blinds Will hate me I would say that because that kid build the roller blinds unsellable Roll the shroud! very useful! this time Roll up with a roller blind( STEP. 63 Basic Seaweed Rolled Rice( exploiting a wheel pall )) Use the regular approach If you want to make a look, you still have to use roller blinds Why didn’t the roller blinds be used before? Is to encourage everyone not to because there is no roller blind Just give up stimulating seaweed rice But if wishes to employed rice Spread to the edge You need a roller blind this time Put the egg on the bottom Put the wider ingredients on the bottom Looks good( Put the prepared substances in) Come Roll up like this Hold down At the leading edge With roller blinds You can use more forte( Use the roller blind to press more hard) Glued at a glance Now Im say to you why you want to buy seaweed rice rosters After buying the roller blinds, you can hang them on the wall if they are of no usage You are also welcome to settled photos on it If you dont induce seaweed rice A society of mutual compassion and mutual aid To tell everyone why you need a roller blind Yes! Glued! I want to buy a roller blind Bought really well Give me a like Look Do I have to buy roller blinds Ultimately did not press hard-boiled( Basic seaweed reeled rice is constituted) undoubtedly The position of attainment is higher when the roller blind is utilized Because humans are animal that are good at consuming tools It is best to use tools The next concern will be the application Use these basic materials Teach you several application methods( Click) YouTube subtitle translation is at Flitto!( Click again) YouTube subtitle translation is at Flitto!